Relax and enjoy the limitless benefits of massage from our well-trained therapists. Massage, being one of the eldest and simplest forms of therapy, relieves body pain and also stimulates & tones muscles by stroking, pressing and kneading. Massage does more than create a pleasant sensation on the skin, it also improves blood circulation, eliminates soreness & promotes an overall feeling of wellness. Although a single massage will be enjoyable, the effects of massage are cumulative, thus, a course of massage treatments will bring the most benefits for your body.


Pamper yourself with our line of services that will surely enhance health, wholeness and individual beauty. You will always enjoy personalized service based upon your individual needs without the pretense and expense of a spa. While most of our clients live near this special place, the visitors who find us are delighted by the spa alternative we provide. Our intimate setting is also perfect for couples and small groups. We guarantee that ours is a carefully created place..... a quiet, low-key atmosphere where you'll feel comfortable right away.


Facial massage is a very popular Western beauty treatment to slow down the aging process and achieve younger-looking and healthier skin. It is also used to relieve stress, migraine headache, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and sinus congestion. It may involve a whole massage session, a portion of a whole-body massage or a part of a facial treatment. Facial massage can be done by a professional massage therapist, an esthetician, or a cosmetologist. Massage of the face is usually done with the hands; however, mechanical massaging devices are also used in beauty salons or spas. A small amount of oil or lotion is often applied to facilitate movement over the delicate facial areas.

In Eastern therapies, facial massage is part of a full-body treatment in which pressure points on the face and neck are stimulated in order to release blockages in the flow of qi, or vital energy. Lotions or oils are not used on the face in acupressure, shiatsu, or yoga techniques of facial massage.






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